Demetrius's Playlist

By Noah Mills

Love is a gravel road, sometimes bumpy and sometimes smooth

Demetrius was a character who's love story was anything but normal. In the beginning Helena loves Demetrius but Demetrius does not feel the same way to Helana and when every Demetrius pushes Helena away she comes back loving him more than before. Then Robin Goodfellow comes in and magically makes Demetrius love Helena back. This love is a gravel road because in the beginning it is bumpy when Demetrius doesn't love Helena and it is smooth when Demetrius loves Helena and Helena loves Demetrius.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Foxey Lady (Miami Pop 1968)

Foxey Lady By Jimi Hendrix

I choose the song Foxey Lady to be in Demtrius's playlist because I think that represents Demetrius being in love with Helena after Robin Goodfellow enchants Demetrius to love Helena. This song represents a man who wants this woman and so he goes after her which is what Demetrius does with Helena. In the song Demetrius is the man who wants the girl and the girl is Helena.
Wild Thing - The Troggs

Wild Thing By The Troggs

I chose the song Wild Thing by The Troggs to be part of Demetrius's playlist because it represents Helena's feelings toward Demetrius throughout the whole book and Demetrius's love for Helena at the end of the book. I think the line

"Wild Thing, You make my heart sing"

especially represents Demetrius and Helena's love because when The Troggs sing that line there is a lot of emphasis on it making it feel especially true. Also it relates because the girl is called "wild thing" which is like how Helena said she was Demetrius's dog.

Meat Loaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad By Meat Loaf

I chose the song Two out of three ain't bad by Meat Loaf because I think the lyrics relate a lot to Demetrius and Helena in A Midsummers Night Dream. Some of the lyrics that are very relatable to A Midsummers Night Dream are

"You'll never find your gold on a sandy beach,

You'll never drill for oil on a city street,

I know your looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks,

But there ain't no Coupe de Ville hiding at the bottom of a cracker jack box..."

This section represents Helena love for Demetrius. It relates because Demetrius's love is the gold on the sandy beach that Helena can't find and Demetrius's love is the street that Helena who is the drill cannot get the oil which represents Demetrius's love. The ruby in the mountain of rocks is similar to the gold on the sandy beach but I think that Demetrius would use these words to tell Helena in more than one way.

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Official Live Video)

Wonderful Tonight By Eric Clapton

I chose the song Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton to represent Demetrius because I think the thematic statement from the song is true love stays through pain which is also true in the book. For example, in the song it says

"It's time to go home now and I got an aching head, so I give her the car keys and she puts me to bed..."

Which shows that through this pain the girl still loves him. In the book this is Helena still loving Demetrius through the pain of him not loving her back. The tone and the overall lyrics are also representative of the statement because it is caring and a loving tone with the lyrics.

Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl

Jessie's Girl By Rick Springfield

I chose Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield to be in Demetrius's playlist because the plot of the song was a guy who wanted a girl who was already in love. In the story Demetrius is the guy who wants Hermia but Hermia is already in love with Lysander. This also represents the love square Demetrius is in because in the song Jessie's Girl the person who is sings friend Jessie has a girl that he wants . This is like A Midsummers Night Dream because both know everyone which makes it weird because of the issues of love in beginning of the book and throughout the song.
Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Piña Colada Song '80)

Escape By Rupert Holmes

I chose Escape by Rupert Holmes to be in Demetrius's playlist because of the story that Rupert Holmes portrays in the song. Escape is about a man who is tired of his love and decides to find new love by putting qualities he likes in a girl in a newspaper ad. After this he and the girl that responded meet at a bar and it turns out that girl is his old girlfriend. This is very similar to the story line of Demetrius and Helena's love. I say this because Demetrius not liking Helena represents the beginning of Escape and finding the girl that was actually his old girlfriend is Robin making Demetrius and Helena fall into everlasting love.
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Live (HD)

Stairway To Heaven By Led Zepplin

This song doesn't not have a lyrical resemblance to Demetrius in A Midsummers Night Dream but I chose to put it in Demetrius's playlist because I think the tone represents Demetrius's and Helena's love. Stairway To Heaven starts of slow and then near the five minute mark it picks up and becomes and upbeat song with a legendary guitar solo. In A Midsummers Night Dream Demetrius and Helena are like a slow quiet tune and then after Robin Goodfellow makes Demetrius love Helena they are both upbeat and fast and that is mainly why I chose Stairway To Heaven by Led Zepplin.
The Romantics - What I Like About You

What I Like About You By The Romantics

I chose What I Like About You by The Romantics because the song is about a man obsessing about everything about his lady which is Demetrius after he fell in love with Helena. The man in the song is in love with everything the girl does which is also Helena toward Demetrius in the beginning of A Midsummers Night Dream. The song is also at a constant speed which is Demetrius's love to Helena over time because it goes from really disliking Helena to being in love with her which totals out to average.