The War On Drugs

Has drug flow into the US gone down?

When did the war on drugs start?

The war on drugs started in 1971 when president Richard Nixon formally declared the war on drugs such as methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, crack, and opium. Since then the US has targeted drug lords, drug dealers, and drug users.

EQ: Has the drug flow into the US gone down since 1971?

Answer: drug flow into the US has gone up and down but mostly stayed the same over 44 years. The US has spent over a trillion dollars on the war that's 793 dollars per second! Cocaine prices have gone down by 73% which means only more cocaine has been smuggled in!

People are trying to legalize medical cannabis.


-if used correctly can save many lives

-is a miracle drug

-helps many people medically

- would give many people jobs


-if we legalize it now what will happen to the people in jail for selling it?

-is a gateway drug

-if smoked it can harm you lungs but not as bad as cigarettes

EQ: Has the war on drugs worked?

In my opinion I say no. The war on drugs has not worked and the US has been spending too much money on a war with no end. The drug war needs to be more efficient or we need to cut the funding and stop wasting money. If we cut funding by at least 30% with that money we can build schools, get people out of poverty, and even make more jobs. We are wasting money on a endless war.


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