The Holocaust Voices Project

By: Gage.J.Dionne

A boy named Henry.

During the start of WWII Henry Weinstock was only 8. His father put him into a convent for nuns to take care of him. His father and mother were taken to concentration camps. only his father lived sadly. A convent of nuns took in henry and many other jewish children. Henry had to convert to catholic so he woulden't be found, he also had to change his name to something different just for the duration of WWII. After WWII ended henry diden't find his father for 2 months. But when he did he said his father wasn't the same man he used to be, not as happy as he used to be.

A young girl named Marika.

Hungarian born Marika Barnett was born during the late 1930's. she diden't become a target of the german armys until the truce of hitler and the hungarian government stopped the truce. her holocaust started during 1945. She also was sent to a convent to be held by nuns. But unlike henry's story she diden't convert and diden't change her name. She was kept there for most of the time that they were targeted. But when her father picked her up he brought her to a house specifically for jews. Her father was a law man. he helped one man during the start of WWII and the man returned the favor by bringing boxes of cookies. He did not know what else to do, his brother owned a bakery so he thought the only way he could help was by giving them boxes of cookies. nearing the end of the war hungarian nazi soldiers were rounding up jews still and slaughtering them. her and her father were taken by 2 soldiers, they were brought next to where her father used to work into a old warehouse. There was a SS soldier guarding the gate, he let them in. After being let in the men brought her father to a small room, took out 3 shots and drank. Turned out they weren't soldiers they were dressed as soldiers and just saved their lives. The SS was a real SS soldier and only guarded them for a fee.

What they want us to know and do.

Henry and Marika want us to know their storys so something like the holocaust can't happen again. They also want us to know to help anyone when we can, you may just save someones life without even knowing it, or you might know it and you might know you could die for saving their life, But its worth saving another human being.