Grace Potter

From: Grace Potter And The Nocturnals

Biographical Information

Her hometown?
Waitsfield, Vermont

When was she born?
June 20th, 1983

What High School and College did she go to?

Harwood Union High School and St. Lawrence University

Her parents?
Sparky and Peggy Potter

An older sister, Charlotte, and a younger brother, Lee

Any significant others?
Her husband and band mate, Matthew Burr

Growing up

Grace Potter grew up in the Mad River Valley, Vermont. She learned how to play the piano at age 6. Her mother was a piano teacher so she picked it up from her. When she was around age 8, Walt Disney Animated movies consumed a lot of her time. She says she remembers being upset because she knew she could sing better than the woman they hired to sing Ariel's parts. Her teachers even remember her daydreaming about becoming the voice of a cartoon. She had multiple musical heroes including Micheal Jackson, Madonna, and Kurt Cobain.

Grace Potter And The Nocturnals: Parachute Heart

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Parachute Heart

Grace's Music

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals sing pop and rock music mostly. They have many different styles like alternative country-rock. The band has released 6 albums: Original Soul, Nothing But The Water, This Is Somewhere, Live In Skowhegan, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, and The Lion The Beast The Beat. Their music is really unique and has it's own sound, like Grace's voice. I love how she's able to hit these long and powerful notes and with ease. She has great range and can hit higher notes like some of the ones in her song 'The Lion The Beast The Beat'. Her voice has a truthful quality about it. It's honest and the quality really shines through in her songs.