6th Grade Survival Guide

By:Brooke Bobbitt

Welcome To 6th Grade

Welcome to 6th grade. This school year will be packed with excitement, challenges, and most importantly fun. With these tips and tricks you will most certainly have a successful school year.

Chromebook care

While having a Chromebook is fun there are also lots of responsibilities that come with it. Here area few.

  • Make sure it's always charged

- A tip is to get used to charging your Chromebook before the strike system starts so you don't strike out.

  • Be careful
-when walking down the hallway with your Chromebook you shouldn't swing it around.You could accidentally let go and that could mean you would have to pay for damages.

  • Always have your Chromebook with you
- You may not always need to use your Chromebook in class but it is a necessity to bring it anyway.

Chromebooks can be fun and educational have fun with your Chromebook this year.


Some people dread the idea of lockers ,but to be honest they aren't that difficult to figure out and are really helpful.On the first day of school when you get assigned your locker your homeroom teacher will give you your combination.You will then get to go practice opening your locker.In the beginning I had some trouble opening my locker but after a week or two it got a lot easier.
How to Open a Locker