should vaccinations be forced?



Many parents are debating on which they should vaccinate their children. Some parents think no because in the past some children have gotten disabled from them. They also don't because its against their religion. Vaccinations have improved throughout the years. They don't just put their own children in danger but the others around them.
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Vaccinations are a huge help to human health

Vaccinations help fight off bacteria and viruses that are very harmful. They also provide much needed immune protection. Also the mostly prevent huge out breaks of things like the measles and chicken pox.

Vaccinations can also do the oppisite

Some people have gotten vaccinations and have had severe reactions to them. Three million dollars have been paid to those that have been injured by vaccines through the vaccine injury compensation program funded my tax payers. some can just have mild reactions like, redness and soreness around the area of the shot
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Should parents be forced?

Yes, when parents don't vaccinate their children they don't only put their children in danger but every child around them.