Darth Paper Strikes Back

An Origami Yoda Book


-Controls Origami Yoda
-Odd as a person
-Helps others with problems

-Makes the case files with others data
-Trying to save Dwight with others help

-Controls Darth Paper
-Trying to keep Dwight out/Trying to prove Origami Yoda is a lie
-Not Good

Example From Book (Darth Paper's Look)
"And he sticks out his hand and there it is: an origami Darth Vader, made out of black paper, with shiny silver eyes and a red paper lightsaber."


In this book there is a lot of dialogue. Most of it is relaxed, but is sometimes gives characterization. You can tell by how it is written to show emotions. I decided to give two examples. One being an argument between Origami Yoda and Darth Paper. Another being Origami Yoda giving advice to Quavondo.

Figurative Language

There isn't a whole lot of figurative language in this book, but here's what I found.

1. One example is at the part where Tommy gives his description of Mr. Howell. The author writes, "I used to think Howell looked like Jabba... but now I realize he looks more like a Rancor." This is figurative language because the description is simile.

2. Another example that I had to search for is at the part where Kellen talks about how the annoying little kid has, "a big nasty mouth." this is an example of descriptive language because it describes the little kid.


People may do many things for those they care for


1. Tommy and other try to save Dwight

2. Tommy makes completely new case file to present

3. Almost everyone pitches in to help Dwight