Creature of The Night

By: Kate Thompson

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Book Review by Jeremy Cartee

Do you ever wonder what creatures lurk in the night?

This book takes place in Dublin,Ireland around 2001. The main character is a sixteen year old boy named Bobby. He lives with his mother and his little brother named Dennis.He has constant family complications.His mother doesn't have a steady paying job and Bobby has to get a job to support his family.A man named Pj is nice enough to rent one of his apartments to his family.

Bobby has constant problems that cause him to do bad things.His mom can't pay the rent and when she does have money, she spends it on cigarettes.Bobby tries to run from his problems by running away and by stealing money and cigarettes from his mother.Bobby steals a Skoda which is a car made by the Czech Republic. He steals the car keys from Pj and takes the car to Dublin.He calls up one of his old friends that he used to steal stuff with.But when he talks to him, he could tell that something was up.He knew he was on some kind of drug.

Once Bobby gets to Ricky's house, he demands to drive the Skoda. The Bobby knew what he was on. He was on cocaine.But Bobby being too scared to fight back, he lets him drive. They are riding down the road swerving left and right. Until the come up to an intersection. There is another car on the other side of the intersection.But Ricky isn't showing any signs of slowing down.They collide and the other driver is thrown out of the windshield. Ricky gets out of the car and starts to beat up the other driver.Bobby runs to escape the cops. What will Bobby get into next?