Congressional District of Vermont

Davis Read

The Issues

Davis Read supports:

economic equality

free college tuition

Getting big money out of Politics

raising minimum wage

Combating Climate Change

Fighting Racial injustice

Fair and Humane immigration policy

Affordable housing

women's rights

LGBT equality

Empowering tribal nations

caring for veterans

medicare for all

fighting for disability rights

Standing with Guam

GE paying for Hudson river

supporting historically black colleges

Fighting for Native Hawaiian rights

reforming wall street

War and Peace

Make corporations pay their fair share

Illogical math

Direct Deets on Davis Read

An insight on Davis Read

Davis would be perfectly suited for the Budget committee and Ways and Means committee. Davis will communicate with constituents via Cellphone and free stuff. Davis has never held a management position, but everyone loves free stuff so Davis would be a perfect representative for your District.

Meet and Greet!

Davis Read will be at the local DFR office; meeting from 2 -5 Tuesday May 20th.