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September 25, 2015

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion


Thank you for a great week and for your dedication to our students and families.

Enjoy a well deserved weekend!


F & P due on Friday, October 2

PARKING behind 2nd Ave. is closed off and we can no longer park in the lot.

Staff Information

This Week and Upcoming....

Thursday: Principal Meeting, Ms. Cater will be Teacher-In-Charge

Friday: Faculty Council (FC) 8:00 am

October 7: Walk and Roll to School

OCTOBER is Anti-Bullying Month

Anti-Bullying Resources

Class Meetings/Restorative Circles or lesson ideas

6-weeks School Climate and on-going: As we continue to practice school expectations and procedures to support a safe and healthy school climate,see the resources below to use during class meetings/restorative circles.


Grades 6th and 7th can create Anti-Bullying posters for our school. There will be prizes for the top three 6th and 7th grade posters that are inspirational, vibrant and creative.

Grades TK-5 can create posters that display our expectations to be safe, respectful, and responsible in the main areas of our school: Cafeteria, Walking in the hallways, and taking a knee after the bell rings.There will also be prizes for the top three posters. Share these lessons and ideas for posters with your students that are due by October 5th. The posters can be done for homework or in class as part of your lessons.

Anti-Bullying Resources

Bullying 101 - The Club Crew's Guide to Bullying Prevention (16 slides)

If you are bullying (6 pages)

If you area a target (3 pages)

If you see bullying (5 pages)

They can be found at the following website:


Wednesday STAFF LEARNING 2:30 pm

This is a 5th Wednesday and we do not meet all together on 5th Wednesdays. This is your time to plan and prepare.