Lung Cancer

Start of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer was a very uncommon disease before people started smoking cigarettes. It wasn't discovered until 1761. Austin Bradford Hill and Richard Doll are the two men who originally started the research that found cigarettes responsible for one of the causes of lung cancer.


The most effective treatment is chemotherapy. Chemo uses anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. This disrupts the growth of the cancer cells until they're gone. It isn't always 100% effective depending what stage of cancer a person has.

Reactions to Treatment

There are several side effects to chemotherapy. It can cause blood clots, bone issues, fatigue, hair loss, weight gone/loss, nausea or vomiting and chemo brain. Chemo brain is when someone has problems remembering certain things and struggles to concentrate on anything.

Spreading Awareness

To spread awareness, I would have some kind of fundraiser to raise money for people who need help paying for the medical bills who aren't in a good financial state.