Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly

By Khmeg3


-Males - blue green markings, yellow abdomen (Wiki, Enchanted Learning)
-Females - cream color body, red fur on thorax, yellow blotches on tip of wings (ARKive, Wiki)
-Female is larger than male (Enchanted Learning)


-Caterpillar - eats eggshells, pipevine plant (Wiki, Enchanted Learning)
-Adult - eats nectar of flowers (Rainforest)

Climate, Countries, Habitat

-Lowland coastal rainforests in lowland forests (Enchanted Learning)
-Country - Papua New Guinea (Rainforest)


-Lay eggs on toxic pipevine plant (Rainforest)
-Female lays - 27 eggs in life (Wiki)

Classification, Communication, Size

-Classification - genus Ornithoptera (Wiki)
-Male use pheromone chemical - induce mating with female (Wiki)
-Wingspan 19-28cm or 10-12 in. (Rainforest, ARKive)

Adaptations (Protection)

-Eats pipevine plant - take in poison (Enchanted Learning)


-Flies around (Enchanted Learning

Adaptations for Getting and Eating Food

-Adults use proboscis to take in nectar (ARKive)

Unusual Characteristics

-Male - form atavus has gold spots on hind legs (Wiki)

Reasons for Endangerment

-Mount Lamington erupted (Enchanted Learning)
-Prized by collectors (Wiki, ARKive, Bagheera)
-Habitat loss (Bagheera)

Critical Information

-Palm oil industry took away habitat (ARKive, Bagheera)
-Illegal selling and buying (ARKive, Wiki, Bagheera)