There are some special things about Hawaii. Here is one fact about Hawaii: the capital is Honolulu. Hawaii is 28314.0 sq. kilometers. About 1,404,054 people is the population of Hawaii. Here are some even more interesting things I learned after researching Hawaii.

Why I Want to go There

I want to go to Hawaii. Here are three reasons I want to go there. My first reason is that it is hot in Hawaii , and I like when it’s hot. I also want to go on a helicopter tour. The view would be good! Finally, I want to go to the ocean and scuba dive.

Interesting Facts

I found many interesting facts about Hawaii, when I researched it. First, more than 1,500 different kinds of seashells can be found in Hawaii. There is only one royal palace found in the United States. It is in Hawaii. My last interesting fact is Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee beans.


Here are three facts about Hawaii’s culture. First, Hawaii’s flag is red, white, and blue. In Hawaii they speak one different language which is Hawaiian, but they can speak English. Last, It is mostly hot in Hawaii. That means it is 90 degrees in Hawaii.


I want to find some different kinds of seashells their. I want to go over a volcano on the helicopter tour. If I visit I want to learn how to speak Hawaiian. If I go to Hawaii I will learn more about it.