Burns & Davis


We Promise To Defend Any Defendant

Our Promise: We work for YOU

  • To protect from all plaintiffs
  • To help in all aspects of all parts of your trial
  • to get the best deal possible for your specific case

Filed a complaint? We can help!

We cover all aspects of your trial from the pretrial conference to the Verdict. We are by your side! You WILL have justice

Got a complaint filed about you? We can help with that too!

We get you an arbitration! We are there at the first seeing with the judicial head , from the summons at first meeting them, We get the judge on your side. We handle all cases, no matter the evidence held against you.

Didn't get the verdict you wanted? YOU GET HALF YOUR MONEY BACK but we will get an APPEAL

Guilty or Not we'll get you a deal no matter the plea!


Remember we are on your side! during the mediation we defend you against the plaintiff.