Lewis and Clarks expedition



 —What was the Louisiana Purchase?—Who was Sacagawea—Different historical perspectives toward Sacagawea—How cross-hatching can be used for value—How interpretations of the same story can differ

The expedition

Took over 2 years, and they went all the way to the pacific ocean and back.

Who was Sacagawea?

Interpreter, she had a baby on the expedition.  She was given dried rattlesnake rattle and water to during her giving birth, this was done by Clark who helped aid the process.

Use your imagination, how do you picture her?


-Must have Sacagawea, Pompey, and Lewis or Clark pictured-The drawing shows attention to deatil-There is use of values and textures


Thursday, May 2nd 2013 at 9pm

21914 Park Loop

Onawa, IA

Remember to hand in your permission slips, and money to me by Chrictmas break!  We will Ride a replica keel voat, just like the one used by the "Corps of Discovery" expedition.