Bennett's Bulletin

April 11-15

Upcoming Events

April 13 - Magician Daniel Lusk will be presenting his magic show that addresses the subject of bullying. He will do two shows for students during the school day and then at 6:00pm, he will present a show for families. Please join us for a great family event at E2!

April 14 - Skating Party at Anderson Roll Arena from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Admission $3.00, skate rental $2.75.

April 21 - ISTEP begins (ends May 9)

April 29 - E2 Spirit Day - Wear an E2 shirt and jeans - Students pay $1 and staff pays $2.

April 29 - School Carnival

Change Challenge

We are asking students to bring in change to help the children in Flint, Michigan. Each grade level is having a competition to see who can raise the most to help others. The class with the most money will earn an extra recess as well as helping students in need.

Spring Carnival Basket

· The theme of our class basket for the auction at the Spring Carnival is Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. We are collecting books about chocolate, cake mixes, brownie mixes, recipe books, chocolate candies, chocolate scented stickers,etc. We are reading the Chocolate Touch in class and thought this might be a fun and tasty way to raise money for our class. Items donated will go towards buying books, materials, and games for the classroom. We are still in need of items to fill our basket to help bring in money for our class materials. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Spelling List and Sentences

  • unfair
  • unhappy
  • unload
  • unfold
  • unafraid
  • unlikely
  • unpack
  • unable
  • unzip
  • unwise
  • unkind
  • quart
  • beautiful
  • gallon
  • tough

Spelling Sentences

  1. It was unwise to unload your bag near the puppies.
  2. I am unhappy that I was unable to unzip my backpack.

Objectives for the Week





Identify how nonfiction text can compare and contrast, describe a procedure, and explain cause and effect relationship. (2.RN.3.2)

o Present tense verbs

o “ly” endings

o Generalizing learned spelling patterns

o Tell and write time to the nearest five minutes and solve problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals of hour and half hour. (2.M.5)

o Making change