MTS Staff Weekly Watch

Week of December 14, 2015


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Important Dates

December 16 - Winter concert 7pm @ SHS

December 18 - Ugly Sweater/Shirt Day

December 23 - Santa Visit (see details below)


In the spirit of the season, from me to you, lesson plans are not required the week of December 21st, you may wear jeans all three days that week, and there is not a staff meeting this month.

Just a thought...I think Rudolph was bullied.

I & E after marking period 2 will be updated and students will be moved to new locations. If you would like to change what you are doing please let me know and I will update the selection form and the students can select new choices. Change is good. Think about student interests and your talents. The deadline for submitting changes is Friday, January 15, 2016.

It seems that the bathroom in the upper wing has become a canvas for drawings and descriptive and explicit phrases. When students are permitted to use the bathroom please try as best you can to be sure they are not going with pens and pencils. This is happening in both bathrooms so it is not gender specific. I will continue to investigate on my end. Thank you!

Remember to provide parents with positive feedback regarding their child/children. It is easy to get caught up in the daily routine and miss opportunities to build positive parent relationships. They expect the school to communicate when something is wrong and often are left disappointed in their child/children. They are truly are appreciative when the school calls with positive news. The small things really do matter!

Santa will be visiting the school on 12/23 starting at 9am. He will meet all the younger classes (pre-k through 3rd) in the library then will visit the older kids in their classrooms.