Dan Brown


Robert Langdon- A professor of symbology at Harvard University

Bertrand Zobrist- A genius scientist/madman who is obsessed with Dante's Inferno, who is releasing a virus to solve the worlds overpopulation

Sienna Brooks- A doctor. She also worked for The Consortium. She helps Langdon find the virus Zobrist created, but her past relationship with Zobrist makes her loyalty to Langdon suspicious

Elizabeth Sinskey- The head of the World Health Organization who hires Langdon to find Zobrist's virus


This book is about a man named Robert who wakes up in a hospital, he doesn't know what happened the previous day or what caused him to be shot at by his own government. A women named Siena Brooks who helps Robert to stop a dangerous plaque created by Bertrand Zobrist before he kills 1/3 of the world.

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