UPE News Update

April 30, 2021

Reminder - Wednesday, May 5 Is a remote Learning Day, students will not attend in-person.

When Numbers Whisper…and Sing

Here is an amazing fact about our children and our teachers: The average child at UPE, as of this date and with a month of learning still to go, is learning at 136% of the “typical” rate in reading as children nation-wide on the iReady Assessment. This assessment is given to thousands of children. 60% of our children have met or exceeded the “typical” growth rate and 40% have met the “stretch” growth rate…so far. Wow.

In some ways, it seems ridiculous to use a few numbers to try to express the countless accomplishments of this community. Our passion - you as a parent and us as a staff - knows no bounds that any number can capture. You already know how many hours you put into trying to help your child when they were learning remotely. You already know the sacrifices our teachers made - the hours, the extreme workload, staff impacted personally by Covid, the loss of teaching time. You know all this. I just happen to think the number 136% (of what is considered “typical” growth in reading) is a lovely numerical “whisper” that speaks volumes about what WE have all done together. Collectively, our accomplishments will sound like a most harmonious choir.

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Like you, I am deeply and profoundly transformed by the work of these heroes (and all of you as well). They are my heroes.

Thank you all for taking a moment to tell a teacher “thank you.” Thank you for joining my voice as we sing their praises.


Important Dates


5 - Remote Learning Day/Teacher Work Day

5 - 6th grade Royal Gorge Rafting Trip

13 & 14 - 6th grade backpacking Lost Creek Wilderness

18 - 6th Fly fishing Green Mountain Falls

25 - Beach Party

26 - Tentative last day of school/12:00 dismissal

Art Walk

6th graders created delicious cupcakes from clay by crafting a pinch pot base and coil lid. Adorable and functional!
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