September Newsletter



Welcome to a new school year.

I would like to share a very special welcome to the new families joining our school this year. Our dedicated staff members are enthusiastically looking forward to working with you and your children. You’ve joined a great community.

I also want to introduce our new staff members. First, Miss Amamda Thompsonis joining us in Kindergarten, Miss Swanson will be teaching grade 5/6 for the first part of the school year and Mr. Bradley Walls will be teaching grade 6 until after Christmas.

Let us all pray our students experience a fulfilling, exciting, and safe September!


Greetings from the School Community Council. We will be selling Co-op gift cards again this year from the school office in denominations of $25, $50 and $100. Please stop in and purchase some cards and help support our playground fundraiser. We receive 10% of the sales. Cards can be used at any Co-op store and can be used for groceries, gas, liquor and so much more. Thank you in advance for your support.

We would like to welcome any new families to our school community and we invite anyone who is interested to come and join our SCC.

Assigned Doors

Please note that the front doors are for Pre-K and Kdg classes to enter and exit from during the school day. Each class has been assigned a set of doors to enter and exit the building from. Please make arrangements to have a meeting spot outside, this way when the student exits the building from the back or side doors they are able to locate you at the same spot each day. The front doors are only available to students who arrive late to school and must check in to the office for their late slips. The front office area is not large enough to house all of our students and families at the end of each day. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with using your child's assigned doors.

September Calendar

Make sure you read until the end of the newsletter. There you will find a link to the September activities at the school.

The newsletter and calendar are also found on the school website.



Please remember that supervision is only provided starting at 8:30 am, so students can arrive anytime after that. They then have time to play outside until the first bell at 8:50. Classes start at 9:00 so students arriving with a ride should also be dropped off no later than 8:50. Please be on time!

If your child is ill or going to be away please contact the school before 9:15. This ensures no students were lost on the way to school and staff is not worried and trying to contact parents. Dismissal time is 3:25.


There are 3 staff parking lots at the school and all spots are designated for staff members. Please do NOT park in any of the staff lots. An empty spot can mean someone is out at an appointment or meeting. The bus loop is also unavailable for parking. Whenever classes go on field trips or swimming, buses need to access the loop during the day. A safe place to park with many spots is the parking lot beside the Board Office by the city soccer fields.
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The grade 3 students will be taking part in the Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. The lessons will take place from 2:00-3:00 on the following dates:

Sept. 17, 24

Oct. 1,8, 15, 22, 29

Nov. 5, 12,19

The students will be bused to and from the pool. Please sign and return the parental consent before Friday, Sept. 13th. Thank you.


There are several ways to receive communication about school events as a parent. There will be a monthly newsletter sent to your email and it will be uploaded to the website as well. A paper monthly calendar will be sent home with the youngest child in the family and the school announcements are published on the school website each day. We are presently setting up a Holy Family Parent Google calendar so parents can sync your personal calendars with school events. To reach a teacher you can call the school or email. All staff emails are first intial.last - for example and are available on the staff tab of the website.

We are also on Facebook under Holy Family School , Twitter and Instagram @ gohooounds. See the bottom for direct links.


There are several students with serious allergies at our school To keep everyone safe, we ask your cooperation to NOT send any products with NUTS/PEANUTS or FISH. Please check all labels of snack food also as many say "May contain traces of nuts".

There are also scent sensitivities of staff members, so please do not allow your child to wear perfumes/body sprays to school.


Holy Family is involved in the Canadian Medic Alert Foundation’s No Child Without Program. There is no cost for students who attend our school that are between their 4th and 14th birthdays. If your child has a medical condition, allergy, or is required to take medication on a regular basis, you should consider this program. Please see for more information.

If your child is already part of the program and there have been changes to their medical condition, medications or emergency contact information, call Medic Alert at 1-800-668-1507 to update your child’s file.


There is a student phone located by the office for student use, so students should NOT be on their phones during the school day. We understand students have cell phones for safety reasons, but they must keep them in their backpacks on school property unless they are being used for an educational reason. If you need to get a message to your child, please call the school and Mrs. Spence will get the message to your child. Cell phones that are out without permission will be taken by the teacher the first time for the remainder of the day. A 2nd offense will result in the phone being taken to the office until a parent picks it up.


Please stop by the office to pay for the school supplies. There is no other registration fee required this year. Fees are s follows:

K-2 =$30

3-6= $35



If you have any new changes to information on your registration forms please contact Mrs. Spence. Important information that needs to be current is parents' phone numbers, address and emergency contact information

Also, please take a minute and write your phone numbers in your child's agenda so they have the number to phone you if necessary. .


We are always looking for parent volunteers to assist at the school - as chaperones, to work at the Book Fair, to read with children, to help with Lunch of the Month and other SCC events. In order to keep our children safe, all volunteers working with students must have a valid Criminal Records Check. There is a form that you pick up at the office and take to City Hall to receive a discounted rate of $10. When the record check is ready, bring it to the school and you will be reimbursed the $10 expense.

If you are planning to assist with driving students for sports or clubs, the Criminal Records Check must be completed in addition to the Driver's Authorization form which is also available at the office.

All Criminal Records Checks are valid for 1 year, so if you had one completed in June for a field trip you will require an updated check for this year's June trips. Please do not leave it until the last minute as they can take up to a month to have processed.


Our school provides quality education as well as a wide variety of activities for students to be involved in, outside of school hours. Throughout the year there are many clubs such as: Art Club, Cooking Club, Library Club, , Stewardship Club, Jazz Band, and more! Sign up notes will be sent home for all clubs to inform parents of the days, times, cost, etc.

There are also various athletic opportunities offered. Students in grades 4-7 can participate in the intramural program which runs from September until the end of March. All students are encouraged and invited to play, regardless of ability. The goal of these games is to participate and have fun in playing soccer, volleyball, basketball and dodgeball.

There are also teams which require students to attend practices and games/meets. In order to participate, parents must sign a consent form. The seasons are as follows:

Oct. - Dec. - Volleyball (gr. 6 & 7)

Dec. - Feb. - Basketball (gr. 6 & 7)

March - Curling (gr. 6 & 7)

April/May - Badminton (gr. 7), Marafun (gr. 1-7)