September Newsletter



Welcome Back!!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new and returning students to our school. We have missed you and are so happy to have you back!

As you are all aware, this school year has started a little different than past years. Our staff and grade 4-7 students are wearing masks in all common areas where 2m distancing is not possible. As well, parents have not been allowed in the school. I want to thank you for adhering to our new policies and procedures. It has greatly helped our school start up go smoothly.

We have some new staff members this year. Miss K. Robert is teaching pre-kindergarten, Miss A. Toews is teaching grade 3. Teaching Phys. Ed this year is Mr. Ross. Miss A. Nosewothy has transferred to our school and will be teaching grade 4. Mrs. Hochbaum has also transferred to our school as our new student support services teacher. Miss A. Cooper and Mrs. R. Hodges will be sharing our grade 5 classroom. Mrs. B. MacNaughton will be sharing the grade 2/3 classroom with Mrs. Combres. Miss Swanson was married over the summer and is now Mrs. Lightfoot, she will be teaching grade 5/6. I encourage you to watch our back to school video, pasted on the Holy Family facebook page, to see all of our staff.

Parent communication is very important and especially during this pandemic. I encourage all families to sign up for Edsby and like our school facebook page. Edsby will be your primary source of communication with your child’s teacher, school and division. We will also use our facebook page to communicate what is happening in the school.

If at any time you have questions regarding our back to school plan, please call me at 306 445-2360.

Mrs. M. Sarenco

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There are several ways to receive communication about school events as a parent. There will be a monthly newsletter uploaded to the website . Family Parent Google calendar so parents can sync your personal calendars with school events. To reach a teacher you can use the new Edsby program. This program will be the main source of communication with parents. It is very important to update any email or cell phone information changes with the office in order to have access to this communication tool.

We are also on Facebook under Holy Family School , Twitter and Instagram @ gohooounds. See the bottom for direct links.

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Please remember that supervision is only provided starting at 8:30 am, so students can arrive anytime after that. They then have time to play outside until the first bell at 8:50. Classes start at 8:55 so students arriving with a ride should also be dropped off no later than 8:50. Please be on time!

If your child is ill or going to be away please contact the school before 9:15 or please create an absence online through your Edsby account. This way both the teacher and the office can see who is away each day.


We encourage students to go home for the lunch break if possible. The lunch hour is from 11:47-12:30. We ask parents to meet students and drop them off at the parking lot beside the board office.


There are 3 staff parking lots at the school and all spots are designated for staff members. Please do NOT park in any of the staff lots. An empty spot can mean someone is out at an appointment or meeting. The bus loop is also unavailable for parking. A safe place to park with many spots is the parking lot beside the Board Office by the city soccer fields. This is the meeting spot for after school pick ups and before school drop offs. Students are instructed to cross the playground and make their way to the gravel parking area to meet parents for rides.


We are a nut "aware" school. There are several students with serious allergies at our school To keep everyone safe, we ask your cooperation to NOT send any products with NUTS/PEANUTS or SHELLFISH. Please check all labels of snack food also as many say "May contain traces of nuts".

There are also scent sensitivities of staff members, so please do not allow your child to wear perfumes/body sprays to school.


We understand students have cell phones for safety reasons, but they must keep them in their backpacks on school property unless they are being used for an educational reason. If you need to get a message to your child, please contact the teacher through Edsby. Cell phones that are out without permission will be taken by the teacher and kept until a parent picks it up.


Fees are as follows: Please see the new online option to pay for the fees this year, School Cash Online.

K-2 =$25

3-6= $30



If you have any new changes to information on your registration forms please contact Mrs. Spence. Important information that needs to be current is parents' phone numbers, address and emergency contact information.


We currently have spots available in our Pre-K program. Please contact the school for a registration form.
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Wednesday, September 23- Early Dismissal at 2:00.

Monday, September 28- No classes-teacher PD

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