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Williams Wrangler Music

Williams Wrangler Music

This is a really exciting year for music class! We have a brand new music website packed with information about music class, programs/events, and links to interactive games. To check it out, just go to the Williams Elementary webpage and look under the "Special Areas" tab for "Enrichment" then click on "Music".

First grade will be traveling to the Bass Hall in Fort Worth November 7th to see David Holt in concert. David Holt is a famous folk musician who plays many different instruments such as the jaw harp and banjo. He has even been in a couple of movies.

December 13th is the Holiday Concert complete with fifth and sixth grade music and strings students singing and playing lots of different music selections.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grade students are practicing their music memory skills by identifying pieces of music along with the composer. First, Second, and Third grade are starting the year off right by using our singing voices and learning fun game songs such as Lucy Lockett and Apple Tree.

Kathryn Shelor

Williams Elementary Music

The Wrangler School Song!!!

Ms. Kathryn Shelor is new to the Wrangler Family this year. She has brought with her an excitement and joy for music that has infused our students with a new found appreciation for music class. Music Awards, like the one pictured to the right are popping up all over the campus.

Finally we have to say, "Thank you, Ms. Shelor, for rediscovering the lost Wrangler Anthem." For those of you who have always wanted to know the lyrics of the Williams Wrangler School Song, please see them below:

The ART of being a Wrangler!!!

Mrs. Andrea Powers is also new to the Wrangler Family this year. Mrs. Powers joins us as the new art teacher. Her teaching philosophy and art techniques have really brought our creative talents out.

Check out all the fun we are having in ART!

Physical Education with Coaches Johannes & Frederick

Exercise Never Has to be Boring

Getting in our daily dose of exercise is always fun with Coaches Johannes and Frederick. From the first day of school we've enjoyed all of the games and fitness training that we've experienced in PE.

Don't forget, Turkey Trot is coming up on November 16th.

All boys and girls in grades 4, 5 and 6 will compete for the chance to win a frozen turkey!!!! Boys and Girls who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the race for each grade level will take home a turkey for their families to enjoy over the holiday.

Practice your 1-mile run so you'll be ready to win.

Orchestra is Tuning Up for a Great Year!

Ashlyn Pena, Junior Journalist

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