Blue & Silver Newsletter

For the week of 4/2/18

STAAR Writing is NEXT Tuesday April 10th

While you can't be in the room with your child to help them through the test what you do leading up to the test can set them up to do their best!

Please make sure your child:

  • gets a good night of sleep Sunday and Monday.
  • eats a healthy breakfast.
  • brings a healthy snack that won't get their hands messy, doesn't require utensils, and won't leak on or stain their testing booklets.
  • has a water bottle to drink.
  • brings a light jacket, sweatshirt, or sweater.


Your student may bring chewing gum, peppermints, and/or Lemonheads to help with focus and attention during the test.

A note on snacks:

Students will be working and testing. Because of this, we are asking that you do not send foods that will get their hands dirty (think anything that you would want them to wash their hands afterwards), foods that require utensils, or foods that could potentially leak on their test booklets (think pudding, Go-gurt, fruit cups).

Thanks in advance for your support!!!

Our Learning Targets

Reading: We can make inferences and draw conclusions about the author's purpose and provide text evidence.

Writing: We can review writing skills to help revise and edit our writing.

Social Studies: We can describe the successes, problems, and organizations of the Republic of Texas.

Math: We can classify two-dimensional figures based on the presence or absence of parallel or perpendicular lines or the presence or absence of angles of a specified size. We can identify parallel and perpendicular lines. We can determine the approximate measures of angles in degrees to the nearest whole number using a protractor. We can draw an angle with a given measure

Personal Financial Literacy: We can distinguish between fixed and variable expenses. We can describe how to allocate a weekly allowance among spending; saving, including for college; and sharing.

Spelling List for the week

center, field, stay, itself, it's, idea, radio, usual, period, meteor, rodeo, cereal, poem, India, poet, science, diary, variety, geography, diagram

Bonus Words: appropriate, accurate, imagery, effective, emphasize

Important Dates

4/6 End of 3rd 9 weeks

4/10 Writing STAAR

4/18-4/19 Book Fair

4/25 Talent Show 6-8 pm

Second Step

Making a Plan

Some solutions to problems are complicated and need a plan. Plans help you break down a big task into smaller, more manageable parts.

Students will be able to:

Explain the purpose of making a plan

Create a three-step plan to carry out a solution to a problem

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