By: Bella Noe

Capital and Flag

The capital of Egypt is Cairo. The Flag has a red, white , and black straight horizontal lines and an eagle. The red shows the struggle against the British Occupation of Egypt. The white stands for the advent of the 1952 Revolution which ended the monarchy without blood shed.The black stands for the end of the oppression of the people of Egypt at the hands of the monarchy and British Colonialism. The eagle represents power and strength.


The location is by the Mediterranean Sea which is north of it. There is also Israel, Sudan, and Libya. Major landforms are Sinai Peninsula and the Sahara. Major landmarks are the pyramids, sphinx , Abdeen Palace, and Cairo Museum. Major bodies of water are the Nile River and the Mediterranean Sea. They have to get there water to have fresh water to survive. They have a system that leads water to other places so that they can have fresh drinking water too.


The type of government Egypt is limited government. The president is Abdel Fatth el-Sisi. The way he was elected is that the people vote to get there president. The rights roles and responsibility of the people are, that they are allowed to sell property. Women and men they can make contracts. There roles/ responsibilities are women cook, clean, and raise children. Men provide financially and growing crops, building, selling, buying things, and if they could afford it they would buy slaves.


The GDP of Egypt is 946.6 billion (2014). The type of money they use is Egyptian Pounds. They import machinery, equipment, food stuff, chemicals, wood product, fuels. The export crude oil, petroleum products, fruits, cotton, textiles, and metal products.


When they turn 16 they are given clothing that will protect them from the intense dry heat. Women wear straight dresses and men wear short kilt and any type of shorts. There major languages are Arabic with is also the official languages. Some of there holidays are Old Calendarist Christmas, Coptic Orthodox, Armed force day, and Labor day. Their religion is Muslim. One of there most popular food is ful medames. For entertainment they shoot marbles, they went hunting, they liked to play board games, And wrestling is a really popular sport they played.


Their weather is generally 57 degrees Fahrenheit in January and December and July it is around 82, and it is dry subtropical area. There average is 2.5 cm, this climate effects the growths of crops and plants.


Fuad become king and Egypt gains independents, although British influence remains significant until mid 1950s. The Aswan high down is completed with Soviet funding, and has a huge impact on irrigation agriculture and industry in Egypt.

Compare and Contrast

In Egypt they go hunting for there food and in the US we get our food from a store. In Egypt there official language is Arabic and in the US are official language is English. Something that is similar is the weather is almost the same thing during certain times of the month. Also both Egypt and Texas have a limited government.
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Egypt National Anthem ( VOCAL )


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