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We will be sending iPads home with most children this weekend! From now on, he/she will complete the majority of the homework assignments on the iPad. We also want to create a balance between technology and written work; therefore, students will be asked to complete a written paragraph each week as part of the homework assignment. This piece will be completed with pencil/paper and will be found in his/her folder.

We will be practicing the iPad homework procedures by completing last week's homework assignment (Wolf!) together in class. This will allow the students to become familiar with the Notability app and homework/turn-in expectations. This app is located on your child's iPad and DOES NOT require the Internet/Wifi to access and complete homework. If your child is in an area where Internet/Wifi is not available when saving his/her work, the iPad homework will download as he/she enters the school building in the morning (as long as the backup arrow has been clicked). There is a tutorial that can be found in Notability. Please take time to look it over so that if your child does need help you can assist him/her.

The new homework assignments for this week are in your child's Notability app. The homework is dated 10-16-15. The first page of the homework is a list of the spelling words and vocabulary—no work needs to be completed on this page. Remind your child to click the backup arrow each time he/she works on an assignment. This will backup the work every time the app is closed.

Please have your child put his/her name on EACH homework page. Please provide a parent signature on the first page (the spelling/vocab words page) so we know your child has shared the assignment with you. We are asking that you look over your child’s work carefully. Your child should complete all homework no later than Wednesday, October 21.

iPad Reminders:

* If your child is bringing his/her iPad home, please be sure that it has a full charge by the next morning.

*Find a safe location where the iPad can be housed each time it is home and not being used.

*The iPad is an educational tool, even though the school has a strong blocker, you should ALWAYS be aware of what your child is doing on the iPad.


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In Math, we are finishing up addition of multiple digit with regrouping and we will be heading into subtraction next week. Thank you for your continued support with practicing math facts at home it is making a big difference. Now that the iPads are coming home this weekend, your child will have multiple awesome opportunities to practice math facts and 3rd grade math skills. The apps that we have bene using in class that would be perfect for extra practice at home include: Front Row, IXL, and Sushi Monster.


Our focus for writing has been using the Writing Process to create a narrative story. We are writing this first story step-by-step with a partner so we can focus on all the key components of the Writing Process. Our story is revolving around lost keys. It has been fun to hear their ideas as they begin to plan their story.


We have completed our forces in motion unit in science. We will now be starting social studies. All year we will be studying Michigan's history. This will take us through learning about Native Americans all the way to Michigan becoming a state. This week we will begin my reading one of my favorite books: Paddle to the Sea.


We will be reading a story called Boom Town. This is a story about a little girl, Amanda, and her family who move West to work in the gold fields. To make time pass quickly, Amanda, learned to bake pies. Before she knows it, her pies are bringing customers into the area, and through Amanda's unique ideas a town begins to flourish. Pa realizes there's little money to be made in the gold fields. He asks Amanda if he can go into business with her. Soon, Pa takes over the pie business so Amanda can go to school. Amanda is excited to live in the center of an exciting, bustling boom town.

Also, remember that the book share dates have been assigned to each student for October. When your child gives his/her presentation, book share forms also need to be returned on that day.


Homework will be handed out every Friday and due back on the following Wednesday. Homework will consist of a review of the weekly work completed in class. Parents will be required to look over and sign their child's homework weekly.

In addition to weekly homework, we will also require a monthly reading calendar. Reading calendars will be due at the beginning of each month. Each month your child will be required to read a set amount of minutes. October calendars went home on the first and reading goal for this month is 120 minutes! Reading calendars will be due on or before November 2nd.


Charlevoix Elementary School Calendar 2015-2016

Nov. 04 No School - Char-Em professional development day

Nov. 12 School picture re-take day

Nov. 12 Half day for students - K-12 Parent/Teacher conferences

Nov. 25 No school - Thanksgiving break Nov 25-27

Dec. 21 No school - Christmas break Dec 21-Jan 01


We collect Box Tops and Oleson's Slips all year long to help with purchasing classroom supplies!
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  • Don't forget tennis shoes for gym day! Your child may bring in shoes that can be kept in his/her cubby all year to be worn for PE class.

  • Library books are due back on your child's scheduled library day.