The Counselor's Corner

Silicon Valley Flex Academy | March 20, 2015

Parents & Guardians! Your guide to social media websites & apps are now ready at your fingertips!

Kik? Instagram? Snapchat? What Parents Need to Know about Apps

Vine, ooVoo, Tumblr? What apps are on your student's phone? There are many more popular social media apps that many middle and high school students are already a member or are interested in joining the latest apps. Technology is innovative and it is inevitable, and it has great potential for pushing students beyond their boundaries. That is why we have to help keep online interactions safe, promote social awareness, and informing them that online communications are traceable trails, even if they "deleted" them!

Take a look at the links below to learn about different sites and apps students are currently using, including tips for parents to understand and navigate the complexities of various apps and websites. Bookmark the websites now so it'll always be at your fingertips!


Cindy Truong

School Counselor

Yik Yak App - A Parents Social Media Safety Guide