All about me

About Me

My first name is Brianna and I am in the 7th grade.I like to go to places with my family like a restaurant. M,y favorite restaurant is a place called apple bees i love there burgers and fries there yummy.The thing i like to do is play basketball and track i love to run i think it fits me.

My family

My mom use to be a nurse at a hospital but she switch to watch different people heart moderns.She calls the doctors on this phone to tell a doctor if it went up or down.I think its kinda scary.My dad is a truck driver hes been to Minnesota,Texas,and other place.He always on the move.I have a sister who is 6.I also have 2 bothers one is 2 and the other 1 is a 6 or 7 months. That is my family.

Where was I born

I was born in a state called Chicago but in a city called Illinois.It was pretty big.I Moved to a another state called Nebraska.Its really small when i first moved there it was hard because i was used to a state that is big.
I love to eat different stuff. I love going shopping with my mom. I also love to go on different trips with my howl family.