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Library News: December 2013

During December, the OE Library hosted 610 scheduled students for both group and individual instruction, and provided ongoing technical support for students and staff. In addition, we also worked with 463 walk-in students, providing assistance for printing, research, technology, and book searching needs.

National History Day Students Work on Projects

Students in Mrs. Thea Britton's Advanced Placement United States History class visited the library early in December to continue work for their National History Day research projects. Formats for this year's projects include individual and group documentaries, web sites, papers, performances, and exhibits. Students completed annotated bibliographies using MLA formatting, through the use of a new subscription database: NoodleTools. The program allows students to create citations for more than 70 potential source formats, and also helps them to create annotations and take notes. Students continued to gather database resources to add to their bibliographies. Students used a LibGuide to help them organize content information, definitions, and citation requirements.


Dr. Franklin visited Mrs. Jone Lee's Publications and Presentation class and taught her students how to use GoAnimate, a school online subscription program that helps students and teachers create short, animated videos. Students had learned how to use MakeBeliefs Comix strips in November, when they created anti-cyberbullying comic strips for the fourth grade students at Clearwater Creek Elementary School.

For the GoAnimate project, students created a two-minute video that included dialog, movement, changing backgrounds, and transitions. Students caught onto the process quickly and enjoyed sharing their finished products.

American History Magazine Research Project Kicks Off

Mr. Josh Umphrey's American History II class visited the library for instruction and research time during December. Students were instructed in the use of online subscription databases, and citation tools, so that they could complete group projects involving creating historical magazines. Students learned how to access and format citations for their project. Searching tools, including identifying keywords, were covered. All instruction was provided through a LibGuide developed for this project.

Learning About Ancient History...and PhotoPeach!

Mr. Thibodeau's class visited the library to learn how to integrate ancient civilization research with using PhotoPeach as a discussion spur. Students used online subscription databases to determine what any traveler visiting an ancient civilization might need to know in order to fully appreciate the time and people living there. Students then located images representative of their fact-finding mission (currency, foods, architecture, etc.), and used them to create PhotoPeach presentations. Instruction was backed up through the online LibGuide content for this unit.

Later, they presented their findings, using their group PhotoPeach projects as a way to help them discuss in-depth analysis reflecting the time frame they studied. Students also brought foods that represented their civilization and enjoyed eating snacks while watching and evaluating each group presentation.

Circulation Stats

During December:

364 library items were checked out to students

163 library items were checked out to faculty
Total library circulation = 527 items

Total school textbook circulation = 2,126 items

The top 10 check outs for December were:

1. The Book Thief
2. Lands and Peoples
3. Mystery: An Alex Delaware Novel
4. Molika'i
5. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake: A Novel
6. Paula Deen Celebrates: Best Dishes and Best Wishes...

7. Six Years

8. Customs and Culture of Haiti

9. Divergent

10. The Fault in our Stars

Database Stats

A.R.T./Seminar Stats

During A.R.T. in December, 124 students visited the library. During Seminar, for the same time frame, 53 students used the library for academic study time.

Laptop Carts

The library provides four carts with 15 laptop computers allocated to each cart. During December, the following departments borrowed library laptops:


Social Studies
Language Arts

Librarian: Lori Franklin, PhD/MLS

This is my 18th year as a school librarian. My research focus involves the everyday life information seeking skills of young adults working in school libraries. My goal is to help all OE library users to become confident, creative users and producers of information resources. I provide large group, small group, and individual instruction for library and information skills. I also present information skills literacy at the local, regional and national level. During summers, I work as an adjunct professor for the School of Library and Information Management (SLIM) at Emporia State University.