Room 18 News

16 October 2015

Upcoming Dates

October Lifeskills: Perseverance and Effort
Friday 16 October: Report Cards Come Home
Friday 23 October: Author Share 11:00 Room 16/18
Saturday 24 October: Parent Teacher Conferences
Tuesday 27 October: Pumpkin Carving--Need pumpkins and volunteers!

Our Week

Dear Families,

Another great week in first grade! We enjoyed our tour of the MCPL. I sent home a MCPL program schedule in your child’s binder. I would encourage you to take advantage of all of the fabulous resources they have to offer. After our trip, we sat down to talk about writing a thank you note which turned into a Thank You book project. One of the librarians had teased about Stripes, the mascot puppet of the children’s department, driving the book mobile. That made us think about the Mo Williams book Don’t Let Pigeon Drive the Bus. We decided to write Don’t Let Stripes Drive the Book Mobile ala Mo Williams. We brainstormed lots of ideas for our book, got them organized and illustrated and are working on finishing it up so we can send it off!

We continue working with an apple/fall theme. We have been reading about John Chapman, more commonly know as Johnny Appleseed who was born on 26 September 1774. We’ve read several different biographies and are working to sort out events from the stories as being either true or ‘tall’. We continue to work on using those words fact or fiction and to ask ourselves how the events in the story tell us more about what kind of person the character was. We’ve played a game called “Prove It” to describe the historical figure of Johnny Appleseed. Girls and boys said a word they think describes Johnny Appleseed and then are asked to Prove It by citing an example from the text. For example, Johnny was generous because he gave away his trees and seeds to the pioneers.

We read Ruth Heller’s book The Reason for a Flower and learned that plants grow flowers to make seeds to grow more plants, which make more seeds….. While our first reaction to the question, “Why do trees have apples?” was so we could eat them and have juice, we did conclude that apple trees have apples to produce seeds that make more trees that grow more apples. We used all of our senses at an apple tasting party to compare a Gala, Red Delicious, McIntosh and Granny Smith apple. We made a table to organize our information. We described the color, the smell, the taste and the texture on our tongue as we sampled and recorded our results. We enjoyed seeing and using an ‘old fashioned’ apple peeler with fancy cranks and wheels. We were fascinated to see the peel of an apple come off in one long string while the apple was being spiral cut and cored. We used our peeled apples to make some pretty yummy apple sauce. Most of us enjoyed eating First Grade Apple Sauce and some of us were brave enough to “just try it” (“Hey, my mom says that!”)

We have been reading more books that follow an apple tree through the seasons. We dissected an apple; looking for the different parts: stem, skin, seeds and core. We cut an apple in half horizontally and found the symmetrical star pattern in the center. We talked about some of the patterns found in nature-there are five petals on the apple blossoms, five seed chambers in the apple core, five bumps or knuckles on the bottom of a red delicious apple. We estimated how many seeds we thought there would be in the apple and then counted. We cut apples in halves and quarters and talked about equal parts and wrote the fractions. We used such language as one part out of two or one half and so on.

On Friday October 23rd, we will be having our first Author Share at 11:00 in rooms 16/18. We will be sharing the personal narratives we've been working on in Writer's Workshop. Please join us to celebrate our hard work! Hope to see you there !

We will be carving (it's mostly math) pumpkins on Tuesday October 27th from 9:00-11:30. If you are able to donate a pumpkin for a group to carve or are able to come in and help us for all or part of the time, please email and let me know. Pumpkins may be sent in anytime between now and then. We'll need five.

Have a great weekend!
Laura B.