Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was a zero

Careless Murderer

Andrew Jackson was a murderer of the natives. He didn't care about them all he wanted was their land which was their last little piece of land that Jackson just wanted for farm land. He is the one who started the "Trail of Tears" and about 1 out of 4 natives died on the way to Oklahoma and settled in a little piece of land that they didn't even get help settling up because Jackson didn't care about them. They are now by some tribes that they hated and will always hate.

He can just destroy anything cant he!

Andrew Jackson was a person in the ordinary man and did not like the wealthy at all. But that doesn't give him the right to take a national thing away. The only reason he got to take away is from the veto, because the House of Representatives didn't want to wait for the National Bank to get approved neither did Jackson want to wait. So Jackson of course the king used the veto as always. But I don't think he is just allowed to take money out of the National Bank and put it into ordinary state banks. He acts like a tyrant i bet hes secretly related to King George III.
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Spoiler Alert

As you know Jackson was the guy for the ordinary man, Jackson right when he entered office of his 1st term he immediately fired all of the wealthy famous people and hired ordinary American people. Which I think is stupid because the people that were in office before were probably very good at what they do because the country was running good. But the people that he picked they didn't have to have any education or political records to work in the government office.
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Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

What is happening in this Political cartoon is Andrew Jackson is holding up a paper that looks like the National Banks veto and hes destroying the National Bank with it. The building in the back is the Bank and the Devil person running across is the National Bank. The man behind Jackson is a ordinary man that is clapping that the bank is being destroyed.
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Mini BIO - Andrew Jackson