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Zitzman 411

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: A Day. Tiny Guitar Club @ 7:45am. Parent Teacher Conferences! (Subway from PTO)

Tuesday: B Day. NO PLC's! Good News Club @ 3:40pm. Girls on the Run @ 3:50pm.

Wednesday: C Day. Bus Driver Appreciation Day. Leadership Environment Action Team Mtg. Fall Bus Evacuation @ 9:00am. Elementary Admin Mtg @ 10:00am. Parent Teacher Conferences! (D'Angelos Pasta & Salad from Mrs. Armstrong). MVR3 Board Mtg @ 6:00pm.

Thursday: D Day. Read, Right, Run Mtg. @ 7:45am. Wagner Retakes @ 9:30am. Girls on the Run @ 3:50pm.

Friday: NO SCHOOL!

Missouri Model District- Mrs. Armstrong

Teachers should complete the MMD Self Assessment Practice. Directions to complete the assessment were placed in teacher mailboxes. We are focusing on Collaborative Teams, Data-Based Decision Making, and Developing Assessment Capable Learners. The three areas are embedded in our Building School Improvement Plan and should be the base of our teaching and learning practices. Be sure to share your assessment results with the administrator. A building report will be shared with teachers during PLC's the week on October 23rd. The assessment will help our teams focus on the strategies needing improvement. Thank you for helping our school continue to grow.

Curriculum & Assessment

Student Work

Student work on display in the hallway should be accompanied with a title and the learner objective. The second grade hallway is a nice model.

WIG Boards

Grade level hallway WIG Boards should be updated with a title before conferences begin Monday afternoon. See the kindergarten, first, or second grade boards as a model.

Standard 4.3

See Mr. Sutterer for a model ACL reflection sheet used with his students' math Evaluate assessment. Students color the questions green for corect answers and red for incorrect answers. Incorrect questions are highlighted with the learner objective written on the sheet, then students work the problems out independently or with a partner.

Big picture

Indoor Recess

Let's get creative because the time is coming and its coming QUICK!

Think outside the box:

  • Balloon volleyball. We break into two teams and sit on the floor facing each other. The object of the game is to not let the "volleyball" touch the ground. It's a blast!
  • Break out the board games. My kids stay engaged with classic games like Candyland, checkers, chess, Operation, and Chutes and Ladders.
  • Indoor exercise. We watch 5-minute and 10-minute dance videos for kids. We get fun and fitness all in one!
  • Balloon Juggling. Keeping balloons floating in the air can be challenging, especially when there are dozens of balloons floating around. You can have free-for-all balloon juggling where all of the kids attempt to keep balloons floating, or split the class into teams. Assign different colors to the teams and tell them they have to corral the balloons of that color into a specific corner of the classroom. If a balloon hits the floor, it can’t be used again. Each team can hit the other team’s balloons in the wrong direction. The team that gets the most balloons into the corner wins! Yes it will be chaos, but it will also be incredible fun for the kids.

OR could the 'structure' be modified:

  • Maybe you need a break from your students... could you do a teacher switch!
  • Could you set your team classrooms up in choices 1 room is a movie, 1 room board games, 1 room legos, 1 room coloring.... etc.
  • What does your schedule allow? Could you push through academics with short transitions and brain breaks then have a LONGER block to really have a solid amount of time for indoor recess.

I would HIGHLY suggest that indoor recess be a technology/Chromebook off limits time. They have enough technology in their face throughout the day and at home, and free lance time on Chromebook is likely to end up in curiosity the is not school appropriate. Encourage this time to be social skill building and peer interaction!

I'll just leave this right here...

I came across this post and it stood out to me. Using my LIM knowledge I had to wipe off my own glasses and check my paradigms.

"They Don't Know. Our student don't know what they don't know. Therefore, they can't always be punished for what they haven't been taught."

Big picture

PBL Ideas

These are different lessons that other districts/teachers have posted about, after all, sharing is caring! Use this week to fail forward, take risks, and enjoy some out of the box thinking as well as taking it to a whole other DOK Level.

I Dare You.... muhahaha - with love, Dr. Sladek!

**A great "Quirky Situation" challenge was sent to Language Arts teachers, where a young woman figures out a way to attend a Book Talk by a famous author, even though the session is full:

**Math teachers received what could be the world's most common (yet frustrating) PBL Scenario... figuring out how many pizzas to order for a large group of people (and what toppings should go on them):

**A STEM Challenge was sent to science teachers where students design and build a small boat out of various classroom materials--and anything else they can find--and then race the boats using "wind" power (i.e. blowing air through a straw):

**A Deductive Reasoning Problem (where students use logic AND their standard-based content) was sent out for Social Studies teachers covering early explorers: