6th Grade News

Buford Middle School

Week of October 24-28 2016


  • Your child is expected to write something in his/her agenda each day for each subject.
  • Check your child's agenda at least once a week.
  • Sign (no initials) your child's agenda once a week. Agendas will be checked on Friday.
  • Please only sign the agenda for the current week.
  • Check the yellow "Organizational Marks" chart and green "Discipline Chart" to monitor your child's behavior and organization in class.

Upcoming Events


10/25 Soup and Salad for Teachers

10/24-28 Red Ribbon Week

10/28-Team Spirit Wear and Color Run Lunch

11/9- Book Report Forms due

11/11- Progress Reports

11/18- 6th Grade Barn Dance

11/21-25- Thanksgiving Break

12/8- ELA Benchmark

12/9- Math Benchmark

12/13- Science Benchmark

12/14- Social Studies Benchmark

12/16- End of Q2


Students can go online at the BMS website to reserve their book for $42.50

A Message from PTO: Soup and Salad for Teachers Volunteers Needed

PTO will host the BMS Soup and Salad on Tuesday, Oct. 25th for our wonderful teachers and staff. Please click on the following link to sign-up to bring an item or volunteer. Let’s make this a special day to show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate all they do!!


Want to Volunteer for PTO?

If you would like to volunteer at BMS, please email the BMS PTO at bmspto@bufordcityschools.org for more information on how you can help. Thank you!

Language Arts

Next week, we will begin our novel study of Gary Paulsen in preparation for reading his novel, Hatchet. We have class sets of the novel, but if your child wants his or her own copy of the novel, please send it in by Friday.

The next book report forms are due November 9th.


Students who do not show scratch work will continue to receive an Organizational Mark or lose points on the assignment.

Next week, we will start combining like terms (PEMDAS). This is a review from previous years.

On Thursday, we will be having a Blast from the Past. This is a cumulative review similar to the Weekly Reviews, and it is a quiz grade.


This upcoming week we will be finishing up our astronomy 2 unit and taking the test on Wednesday, October 26. Thank you for all the Oreo donations!

Social Studies

Students have a test on Tuesday 10/25 over Europe. The rest of the week students will be working on a project researching one specific European country. All research will be done in class and it will be an individual project.

Organization and Behavior

Organizational Marks will be given for the following:

Violations Failure to return paperwork

Unprepared for class

Returning to locker

No agenda signature

No homework

Incomplete homework

No scratch work

Consequences 5-Silent lunch/parent contact

10-Detention/ loss of reward/parent contact

15-Five silent lunches/detention/parent contact

20, 25, 30-Office referral

Discipline marks will be given for the following:

Violations Dress Code


Inappropriate language

Disrupting class

Not following directions

Touching other students

Talking without permission

Consequences 1st-Written Warning

2nd-Silent lunch/Parent Contact

3rd- Silent lunch/Parent Contact

4th-Detention/Parent Contact

5th-2 Detentions/Parent Contact

6th-Office Referral

Attendance and Excuse Notes

If your student is absent from school for any amount of time--even if it's just to check out for a doctor or dentist appointment, please don't forget to send in the excuse note. Parents can email Gabby Moretti directly with their parent notes for absences at gabby.moretti@bufordcityschools.org.

Parent Resources

• Call out words from the dictionary during breakfast. See who can spell them.

BMS provides excellent resources to help your child succeed! Please check out this link for monthly issues with information about how to help your child learn and daily learning planners.

Teacher Contact Information

Feel free to email your child's teacher with any questions or concerns. You can find teacher email addresses at: