Country Basics

Slovakia is short for The Slovak Republic. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.


The colors on the Slovak flag stand for Slovak unity and independence. The double silver cross is a symbol for older resurrection for Jesus Christ and the 3 mountains are clay the cross was put in. The red shield color is of many armorial attributes.
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Slovakia is in Europe and some neighboring countries are Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Austria. Some Major land forms are Ore Mountains and Carpathian Mountains. Some major rivers are the Danube River, Moraua River, Hron River, and Van River. The geography and environment effect supplies and the weather, In Slovakia there are mountains so weather is cool.


Slovakia has a limited government with a parliamentary democracy. Andrej Kiska is the president of Slovakia and Robert Fico is the prime minister. All of the leaders of Slovakia are chosen in an election in which the citizens vote. The responsibilities of the citizens is to vote for leaders and obey the laws.


Slovakia is a rich nation with 99.27 billion GDP. The Slovak currency is euros. The main exports in Slovakia are fuels and steel. The main imports are gas, machinery, and natural oil. The life expectancy in Slovakia is 76.88 years. The average birth rate is 10.01/ 1000. The literacy rate is 99.6%. The drinking water source is 100% urban and 100% rural.


The traditional clothing in Slovakia is Kroje dress for woman and men wear narrow trousers and tight waistcoat. The official language in Slovakia is Slovak the 2 most spoken languages in Slovakia are Slovak and Hungarian. The Major holidays in Slovakia are Christmas, All Saints Day, and Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day. The main religion in Slovakia is
Roman Catholicism and they believe in resurrection in Jesus, baptism, the Bible, the books of the Bible, Clergy Selection, and forgiveness of sin. In Slovakia Bryndzove Halusky is a very popular dish It contains potatoes, flour, eggs, bacon and sheep cheese, and salt.


The weather is mostly cool but it mostly depends how far North or South you are. The average rainfall is about 20.8 inches. the yearly average temperature is 10.3°C. The mountains in Slovakia effects the weather and climate in Slovakia so it is not hot in the summer.


After the Slovak-Hungarian war Slovakia lost a great part of their land to Hungary. Slovakia was finally completely independent on January 1st 1993. Now Slovakia is small and nobody controls them.

Compare and Contrast

Most food in Slovakia contains pork and in the U.S there is a variety of food. In Slovakia they speak Slovak and in the U.S we speak English. In Slovakia they use cheese made from sheep milk and in the U.S we mainly use cheese from cow milk. In Slovakia they make soup out of about everything in the U.S we do not make soup out of everything. In the U.S the second most spoken language is Spanish and in Slovakia it is Hungarian.