day of the dead/halloween

lucy henry 7th


The night of October 31, celebrated by children and adults who dress in costumes and passes out candy or other treats at homes.

day of the dead

all Souls' day celebrated on November 2. In Mexico it goes on for several days. they have loud music, lots of food, and they party for a long time.

Halloween is celebrated in the United States and Day Of The Dead is celebrated in latin/european countries

Halloween gets candy, Day Of The Dead cooks many different kinds of food

where do they celebrate?

Halloween, Americans go trick-or-treating to different houses, or they have small parties at their house. Day of the dead is celebrated at grave yards and they have a big party but then theres indvidual parties at grave sites. everybody comes together and has a good time.

why its celebrated

day of the dead is celebrated to bring back life and to remember loved ones who passed away. indigenous people started the rituals 3,000 years ago.