Rhino Challenge News

February 12, 2016


What We're Learning

Students have just about completed their Psychology Profile and determined if they were introverts or extroverts, optimists or pessimists, what kind of leadership qualities they have, what their creativity quotient is, whether they are instrinsically or extrinsically motivated, what their body language says, and so much more! To cap off our profiles, students made a monster glyph based on their qualities.

We've learned how Bloom's Taxonomy has different levels of thinking that requires you to apply knowledge as you move up in levels instead of just memorizing facts. Our darling Gerfuls helped us out with that! We're keeping the Gerfuls around to learn about the Icons of Depth and Complexity in the coming weeks.

We took a multiple intelligences survey to determine what kind of "smarts" we have - linguistic, visual, musical, kinesthetic, logical, nature, interpersonal, or intrapersonal. Students got to apply their smarts at stations for each area.


Field Trip

Our field trip will be in April to the Houston Downtown Aquarium. Along with the regular exhibits, students will also be participating in 2 classes - one about sharks and one about squids. The cost of the field trip will be $16 per student.

I expect the cost for chaperones to be same. Unfortunately, the Aquarium charges for adults to be in the classes with students. I'll send out more information in March!

Challenge Parent Coffee

We tentatively have a Challenge Parent Coffee scheduled for Friday, March 4 at 8:30am in the LGI for you to meet and chat with other Challenge parents. I wanted to let you know now so it can be on your radar, and I'll send out more information soon.

Challenge Release Days

There will be no Challenge on the following days:
  • Tuesday, February 23


TAGT Scholarships

Summer Enrichment Scholarships are awarded to identified gifted students grades K- 12, who are currently participating in a gifted program and who want to enrich their learning experience during the summer months. The maximum summer scholarship award is $400. Students may use these scholarships to attend programs with an academic, fine arts, or performing arts focus.

The application deadline for TAGT scholarship applications is February 26 if submitted electronically. All applicants will be notified of their status by April 15.

Click here to apply online.

Camp Invention

Information about Camp Invention and Invention Project was sent out earlier in the week. Click here for more information.

Your Kids Are Gifted. Should You Tell Them?

"Do they need to know why the the other four year olds ignore their lectures on the life cycle of the butterfly? Do they need to know why no one else is crying when the trees are cut down? Do they need to know that other first graders don’t really want to read the dictionary every day? You betcha."

-Paula Prober


Ms. Jaclyn Clements

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