4th Grade News

Week of Feburary 8th

Book Fair!

We will have a book fair in the media center THIS WEEK (February 8-12th). This is a great opportunity to purchase books for your home library, and even great gifts for friends and family!

Supply Needs

This is the time of year, we run very low on supplies. We have very few pencils, erasers, kleenex, notebook paper, and dry erase markers left to get us through the year. We are only half way through and if you would be so kind as to donate any of the supplies that would be great! Please send these in to your child's homeroom teacher as soon as possible.

Earbud Donations

As you know we use individualized programs on our iPads and this requires students to listen closely to their own iPad. It presents a distraction when they do not have earbuds. If you would be willing to donate any amount of new earbuds (in original packaging) we would greatly appreciate this. You may send them to your child's homeroom teacher at any time. Thank you for your help!

This Week's Learning Topics

Math Topics

Standard: 4.NF.4

Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication to multiply a fraction by a whole number.

"I Can" Statement:

I can multiply a fraction by a whole number using various strategies.

What will we learn?

This week, students will be using strategies to multiply whole numbers by fractions. This will help us solve problems that ask, "If we eat 1/2 of 13 pizzas, how much pizza would we have left over?"

--There is a great video tutorial below on how we will be teaching this standard--

IXL Standards: T.7, T.8, T.10, T.12

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Reading Topics

Standard: RL4.5 Explain major differences between poems, drama, and prose, and refer to the structural elements of poems (e.g., verse, rhythm, meter) and drama (e.g., casts of characters, settings, descriptions, dialogue, stage directions) when writing or speaking about a text.

"I Can" Statement: I can use text features to comprehend technical texts

What will we learn? This week, we will be working to compare and contrast three types of writing: Poetry, Prose, and Drama. Students will mostly be "diving in" to poetry elements and analyzing the poetry genre this week. Of the three, Poetry will, more than likely, become the text students interact with on a regular basis and we will be giving them the tools to do that successfully this week.

Click the Link Below for a GREAT tutorial on this standard!

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