By: Braedon M

How does temperuture change ?

When the sun comes out it get's hoter. When the sun is not out it get's coulder. The temperuture of a body depends on the amount of movement of the molecules it is made of. When the molecules about quicker the body heats up and the temperuture rises. When the molecules move about less the tempeture falls. Ablsute zero temperuture is when the molecules have stopped moving altogether.

What is temperature?

Temperature tells how hot or cold it is outside. tempeture is a measure given of thermal energy given off by moving particles. Technichly speaking, there can be no cold, just heat or the absece of heat. The SI unit of tempeture is kelvin (k). The tempeture changes when heat is transferd in space the avarge particles- The tempeture of the substance - Is affected, By increasing or decreasing. The change in tempeture depends on the number of particles adffected.

What is the purpose of temperature?

The purpose of temperature that you know what to wear outside.

Weather tools

Rain Guage: An instrument that collects and measures how much precipitation.

Thermoneter: An instrument used to measure temperature.

Hygrometer: An instument that is used to measure humidity in the air.

Barometer: An instument that measures change in air pressure and shows how the weather is going to change.

Anemoneter: An instrument that is used to calculate wind speed.