Global Climate Change

By: Brayden Allen

What exactly is Global Climate Change

When people her that glaciers are melting, they think that it is called global warming. But it's not just warming. In some places of the world, it's cooling. That's why it's called Global Climate Change.

Causes of Global Climate Change

The main cause is greenhouse gases being emitted into the air. There are two main greenhouse gases, Methane and Carbon Dioxide. These gases, once emitted into the air, collect Infrared Radiation (heat), causing ice caps, glaciers, and the Arctic to melt. However some places are cooling down, because the arctic ice that's melting is causing cold water to flow in warm water sections in the ocean, causing places such as the UK to have a more rigorous winter.

What you need to know and understand

You need to know that Global Climate Change is real. It is a big problem around the globe. You also need to understand that there are many ways of solving this and there are countries all around the world who are collaborating to try and find ways to help reduce this problem.

Evidence that Global Climate Change is real

The image next to you is an image of the earths heat in 2015. In 1914, the world was mostly blue, meaning it was colder. As you see in the image, that is not the case. Last year, many countries met in France to talk about ways to help with the problem. Many countries said they would reduce greenhouse gases ba a large percentage. This will help. And don't forget it's not just heating up. In the UK things are cooling down, while in the north, waters are rising jurasticly because glaciers are melting.

What the scientific community identify's as consequences of Global Climate Change

We all know that things are warming up, but scientist have also identified that things are cooling down in Eastern Europe. There is a warm water system that flows to the the east coast of Europe and because the ice is melting it is causing the cold water form the ice to interfere with the warm water system. That's been identified.

How America and the world be impacted

Not only America, but the world will be impacted. We are working in ways to lessen the effects of GCC, but they will still be around. Right now, the effects are different temperatures, melting of glaciers, and sea levels rising. There are many issues that are being looked into. The effects are catastrophic.

What can be done about it

As I said earlier, we are working in ways to lessen the effects. Some of the worlds most known and most powerful leaders have met before and discussed what they would do about the problems. They agreed to make their carbon dioxide levels lower in the years to come.