Industrial Revolution

Newsletter by, Zachary Brown

The industrial revolution is a very important time for the world from all of the great inventions made during this time, but from all of the people leaving they're farms to come work in the city's factories created many problems for places. For example London in 1809 when the city became to overpopulated with over one million people because of that there was bad sanitation, hundreds of thousands people were homeless working in work houses, and there water supply was the one all of the human waste went.

Thomas Edison created the light bulb in this period which a easier and more affordable way to light up houses.Eli Whitney made the cotton gin which pulled seeds out of cotton faster than human. Henry Ford made the Ford Motor which powers vehicles and made transportation faster and more affordable.

Child labor was when people use kids under thirteen years old are used to work on factory's and other places and not able to do any education. One of the most known child labor girls is Addie who is in museums in North America. There has been many articles wrote about her.

The assembly line was a line that every person does one job not the whole thing. The assembly line increased production by nearly five times. Many businesses started to do the assembly line making productions faster.