three careers related to FCS


Nutritionists counsel individuals on healthy food choices and strategies for improvement in overall diet. The requirements needed to become a nutritionist vary by state, with some states requiring a bachelor's degree in nutritional studies, while others require no specific training to be deemed a nutritionist. Their salary is $41,808.

Account Executive

The job role of an Account Executive is to be responsible of looking at the company’s client as well as keeping the company’s-client relationships at a high standard. They require Motivational and Excellent communication skills, Having the ability to prioritise tasks as well as multitasking, Have a good understanding of Business processes, Being organised, Taking on task independently, Working well in a team, their salary is about $48,984 per year, in Atlanta, GA is about $49,838 per year.

Health Educator

positively influence the health habits of individuals and communities, as well as the living and working conditions that influence their health.they are available in a variety of settings, such as private businesses, universities, hospital systems and government facilities. their salary is about $40,956.
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