Chess at 3 Playdate: February 15th!

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Chess at 3 is proud to present the fifth of our 2013-2014 playdate series! Come be a part of Chess at 3's next playdate of the season!

Until now, each Chess at 3 playdate has had two separate tournaments; one for our younger students (3-6 years) and one for our older students (7 years and up). For the first time, our playdate will now feature three separate tournaments! As some of our older students have won and continued to get better at chess, we've decided to add a 3rd special bracket for previous winners of tournaments in order to further improve our ability to pair children of equal skill levels and give everyone even more of a chance to win trophies and more importantly, chess glory!

Our new bracket called "The Champion's League!" will be for older children (7 years and up) who have had trophy finishes in previous Chess at 3 tournaments! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies will be given out separately for our regular tournaments. The Champions League will have just a 1st place trophy as everyone in that tournament will have already won at least one trophy prior but it will be a doozy!

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Chess at 3 Playdate: February 15th!

Saturday, Feb. 15th, 9-11am

75 Murray St

New York

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