The Horn of Moran

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Alex is a wizard in training. In this adventure he is put to the test. Whalen, a very famous wizard, is his mentor throughout the book, and helps him with various obstacles. Alex and his fellow adventurers must find the Horn of Moran before war breaks out in the land of Elusia. they must find the horn so Elusia can witness who the true king is, since only the true king can blow on the horn and produce a sound. Alex has to travel to the Tower of the Moon to retrieve the horn which was lost by a prince over 100 years ago, but to get to the tower him and his company of adventurers must get past a Sphinx and a 2 Griffin. In the end Alex and his fellow adventurers make it back to Elusia just in time before war breaks out, Alex is finally declared a true wizard, and peace is restored in Elusia.

Character summary:

1: I related to Alex the most because i realize that I, just as he did, have to realize that you are never the best or the most powerful.

2: I disliked a boy whom Alex encountered in Oslansk named Otho, mainly because he was a bully to everyone whom he could possibly be a bully to.

3: Alex reminded me of harry potter because they both have powers that have to do with magic.

Themes and arguments


Honor over power and money.

How this theme unfolded: A man dishonored his king by lying and saying he was the rightful king, when he really wasn't, therefore dishonoring himself by lying to the king, and his country, for money and power.

Other books like this:

harry potter

Lord of the Rings

My favorite quote: " Your generosity increases your Honor, but it does little to increase your wealth." That was my favorite quote because it states that sometimes you have to do whats right even though it might not benefit you.