5th/6th Grade Admin/Team Mtg Agenda

Date: 9/18/13 Location: Conference Room

Revised Admin/Team Meeting Schedule



1 Justice, Spirit, Imagination, Spizuco, Friedrichs, Jarecki

2 Courage, Montegary, Chard

3 Integrity, Wisdom, Gualtieri, Garcia

4 Perseverance, Sullivan

5 Achieve, Carosiello, Macturk

6 (6th Grade) Hope, Nock, Canfield

6 (5th Grade) Vision, White, Brown, Reiter

7 6th Grade Related Arts

8 Dream, Dunn, Lindquist, Hoffman, Stemmer,

9 Respect, Shaw, 5th Grade Related Arts, Baldwin, Novick, Viscidy

*Basic Skills support staff please find a meeting that fits your schedule.*

Discussion of Affective Concerns

Student/Parental concerns about students will be discussed by grade level guidance counselor and AP's.

SGO/Smart Goals

Discussion on your progress in writing your SGO and any questions you may have.

Journeys Materials for Special Education Teachers

Distribution information.

Fire Drill

Procedural info.