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Acton Weekly Update: 8/18/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

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T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

This week we revealed the foundation of team dysfunction: The absence of TRUST

Trust is the foundation on which the team is built. If there is no trust, no team will fully exploit its potential. People will not exchange opinions freely enough, and the combined knowledge of the team will not develop so quickly. More importantly, without vulnerability-based trust, the team will struggle to fight the next, even more exciting, dysfunction called “The Fear of Conflict.”

Nuts and Bolts

From Nurse Heather:

When sending students in from recess to see the nurse, please radio in to her so she knows they are on their way in. If her assistance is needed on the playground, just call for her to come out.

Student Athlete Mentors

Please click on the link below to find your scheduled date to have the FC student athletes coming in to read to your class. This year will look a little different. You will choose the book that they read to your class. I suggest a picture book that goes along with one of your content area studies for the week. Ex: If you are a fourth grade teacher studying Indiana history, maybe they read a story about pioneers in Indiana.

Students will be coming over immediately following dismissal at the high school. Most likely they will arrive here about 2:45 and can stay until 3:15 at the latest. In the Google drive that I've shared below you will find the scheduled dates along with their expectations.


IPLI Survey

Please take the following teacher survey for me so that Shari, Katie B. and I can use the data while at IPLI meetings to develop ways to make our school safer and more focused. I'll be sending the survey out to parents via IC but if you could add it to your newsletters, that would be very helpful. Then for our upper grade teachers (3-5) if you have an opportunity to get students on the Chromebook and take the student survey, that would be even more exciting. Thanks for your help.







FTEF and Donors Choose Grants

The Franklin Township Education Foundation is offering partial funding of grants submitted by teachers through the Donor's Choose website (www.donorschoose.org).

What: Donor's Choose Grants

When: Grants submitted to Donor's Choose from October 1, 2017-October 31, 2017 will be considered for funding

Who: All Franklin Township Community School Corporation teachers, counselors, school psychologists, speech therapists and administrators are eligible to apply.

If you have any questions contact Barbara Fengya, FTEF Grant Committee member, at bfengya@comcast.net or 317-862-2603.

Curriculum and Instruction

Student Objectives: Follow the link below to an article on I Can statements. This is an easy and short read that will either confirm you are on the right track OR give you an idea of how to make student objectives accessible to all students. Also below is a video of Lauren going over her I Can statement with students as she adds it to her print environment.

I Can statements link

PD/PLC Calendar

DIBELS BOY Assessment IA Coverage will be August 16th, 17th and 21st.

The DIBELS window opened on Monday, August 14th and closes September 1st. We will still provide each classroom with coverage by an IA as advertised on the previous schedule. Please plan to use that time to wrap up any DIBELS assessments that you've not been able to complete so that we can input data and begin analysis as soon as possible. As you know, many of our curricular decisions revolve around this data.

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What's Coming Up


8/22/17 Special Education PD and Cluster PD.

8/22/17 Benefits information PD in the LGI

8/23/17 PLC- Grade Level Focus

8/23/17 Brook and Matt travel to New Albany to observe Literacy Block

8/24/17 District Tech Team Meeting

8/25/17 Midterm ends

8/25/17 September Field Trip reservations due

8/30/17 School Picture Day- LGI

8/30/17 Midterm grades posted for parents on IC


1 Instructional Coaches meeting

4 Labor Day

5 PTO Meeting


6 School Psych Mtg

7 Principals Meeting

8 Instructional Coaches Meeting

11-15 Friendship/Anti Bullying Week

11-29 Acuity Predictive A ELA and Math Grade 3-5

12 ENL workday

14 Grade 3-8 ELA High Ability

14 Bus Evacuation Drills

15 All Pro Dads

15 Instructional Coaches meeting

18 1st Grade Kasey the Dog

19 Grade level meeting KDG

20 Grade level meeting 1st

21 Grade Level meeting 2nd

21 School Board and Ctech visit to Acton 10:00

22 Oct, Nov Field Trips Due

22 PTO Fundraiser-a-thon

26 Grade level meeting 3rd

27 Grade level meeting 4th

28 Grade level meeting 5th

29 End of first grading period