the girl that changed my life

By. luis barraza

Overcame an adversity

I had to overcome my past, in order to do that, I had to change the thing that changed me the most. There was a girl named Akira who changed my life by making me a better person inside and out, always being there for me when I needed that person to talk to , and I can always depend on her.
She also encourage me to have faith and work hard in what I believe in life is hard but somehow she found a way to make it easy for me she made me realize what the true meaning of love Is I know now love can be expressed in many ways saying I love you is nothing compared to actually being there and showing it, like her she my real friend and she leads me threw the right path I am not the same person that I was before I met her thanks to her I can leave my past behind and move forward.

I am a better person who now sets goals and tries hard to achieve them With her help, I have been able to achieve many things. I am really lucky to have her in my life a friend who took time out of her life, to make me the good person I am today. No matter what the situation is, she is always here when I need her. So, overall, she has changed my life the most by helping me overcome my horrible past.