CGELC Newsletter

June & July 2016

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Welcome Parents & Guardians

The past two months have been full of interesting learning experiences, and many special occasions and celebrations. We've learned so much, and can't wait to share everything we've been up to.

As winter has arrived we'd like to remind parents to send children to school with clothing appropriate for the weather. Long sleeve tops / jumpers are recommended to ensure that children are warm and comfortable whether we are spending time indoors, outside, being active or resting at nap time. Educators will monitor children to ensure that they are always dressed appropriately according to the conditions.

~ CGELC Staff

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Join Us on Social Media

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our upgraded website.

We have also joined FACEBOOK. Please follow us to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from the centre. We'll use this page to post regular updates of what we've been up to, friendly reminders and upcoming events.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you through these medias and greatly appreciate any interaction, sharing and feedback to continue to make improvements as we move ahead with the advancing technology.

The links below will direct you to the sites.


We will be adding photographs to the website in the upcoming weeks, to make it more visually appealing and give an idea of the activities and events which take place at the cetnre. Your child may or may not appear in some of the photos we choose to upload.

If you have any objections to having your child's photos posted please inform us in writing, via email.

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It's A Boy

Miss Elise is very happy to announce the arrival of her little boy, Elijah, on 29 March 2016.

A huge congratulations to Miss Elise on the precious new addition to her family. We wish you all the very best and much love and happiness in this exciting new chapter of your lives.

Mother's Day

We had a wonderful time at the Mother's Day tea party.

It was fun to welcome our mum's to the centre and show them how much we love them.

Thank You to all our mum's for being available and making the afternoon a success.

Sinhalese New Year

As every year, we celebrated the Sinhalese New Year together. We learned all about the many foods, music and traditions which are followed in Sri Lanka to reign in the new year with wishes of wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Ambulance Incursion

We had a visit from a very special guest.

He taught the number to dial in any emergency


We got to see the ambulance in our car park, what it looks like inside and even feel what it's like to sit on the gurney!

Vesak Incursion

On the 21 May 2016 we had a special incursion to learn about 'Vesak'.

Vesak is a very important day in the religion of Buddhism. On this full moon day of the month of Vesak three very important things happened to Buddah. He was born on this day, then years later it was on this same day which he was enlightened, and years later still on this same day it was sadly his passing.

Thus, this day became a very important day to be remembered and celebrated by all followers of Buddah from then until today.

Print Magic

We spent a few weeks exploring different art techniques. This was really interesting, and we had a lot of fun trying new techniques to create some artistic masterpieces.

Structures & Architecture

We learned about various different structural formations such as domes, tunnels, bridges and columns and how they are all used in different ways in architecture and construction to create some of the interesting buildings which are famous around the world.

What Awaits Us In June & July 2016

Dates to Keep In Mind:

5th June is World Environment Day. We'll spend some time discussing ways in which we help care for the Environment.

13 June is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY for the Queen's Birthday! The centre will be closed.

3rd-8th July We will take the time to discuss the Aboriginal culture in honour of NAIDOC week.

25 July is Arbor Day so we will do some gardening and planting!

We will be covering the following topics of learning.

Music & Musical Instruments.

Season Change - Winter.

NAIDOC week.

Mathematical Concepts & Measurement.

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Birthdays In JUNE

1st - Aria

3rd - Elliot

14th - George

19th - Nethula

23rd - Lana

Birthdays in JULY

31st - Maxim