John Rolfe amazing adventures

By:Morgan Hale


John Rolfe was not only known for his Tobacco industry. There was much more then that. John Rolfe wasn't just in movies he actually was a true real man.

John Rolfe

Rolfe Childhood

John Rolfe as a child had a small and rich family. John was born and baptized May 6,1585 in Norkfolk,England. He died 1622 Varina Farms. John arrived in Jamestown with 150 new settlers as a part of a new Charter.

Marriage of Pocahontas and John Rolfe

John Rolfe fell in love with dazzling , delightful and adorable girl named Pocahontas. Pocahontas feelings were unknown about John Rolfe but everyone knew John loved Pocahontas. John gave her affection. When he first saw her he dated at her, he didn't bother to talk to anyone else. Later on they got permission from Powhatan and the Military Government of Virginia and Sir Thomas Dale to marry each other. They had a son named Thomas,born 1615. They were a family!

Tobacco Plants

John Rolfe was known for his tobacco Plants.Tobacco are Plants whose leaves are made for smoking that is used in Cigarettes,Cigars,Pipes,Chewing and Snuff. Before 1611 Rolfe began cultivating tobacco seeds grown in the West Indies.He probably obtained them from Trinidad or some other Carribbean location. When the new Tobacco was sent to England it proved immensely popular.


John was a man who had a inspiring mind and was very striking. John had a "huge" family with a kid and a wife. If John was never around Pocahontas would do most house work. But John was a great husbeen to Pocahontas an a great dad to Thomas his son.



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