The Shah of Iran

The Last Monarch of the Persian Empire

Mohammad Rezashah And His Entrance Into The Monarchy

Born in October 26th, 1919, the first born son of Reza Shah would soon take his father's place at the throne due to relations with Germany in World War Two. As the war progressed, he decided to become an ally of the United States, which then caused the U.S. to favor him greatly. But even though he vowed to act as a constitutional monarch, he manipulated much of what went on within his government.

The Fall And Aftermath

Removal of the Shah and the New Government

As the Shah gathered more power, religious leaders and politicians feared that they might lose their traditional power. Along with the growing tension within the country, they began to spread Islamic ideas suggesting to rid of the Shah, and so they did in 1977. After he left, the Iranian people suggested a republic in place of a monarchy.

Iranian Hostage Crisis-1979

When the Shah was found to have cancer, he exiled himself from his country and wandered the world. Seeking medical help, he soon fled to the United States for treatment. When Iran heard of this, a large group of students invaded the nearby U.S. Embassy and held over 50 Americans capyive for over a year. Eventually on January 20, 1981, the hostages were released.