By: Emily Tepera and Radhika and Shivani Patel

Origin of the Religion

Origin of Judaism: Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East

Basic religious beliefs: Jews believe in one all-powerful God because they are monotheism. The also believe that they are the “chosen people”.

Classification of Judaism: Ethnic religion

Branches or divisions of Judaism:

1) Orthodox Branch-

Orthodox Jews Believe that God gave Moses the Torah in the format of written and oral.

2) Conservative Branch- Believe that the ideas in the Torah come from God.

Geographic Distribution

How Judaism diffused: Voluntary migration, relocation diffusion, and forced exile or expulsions, World War Two and the Holocaust.Ex:Judaism was practiced around the world during the Jewish diaspora(exile) which spread around the world as relocation diffusion due to the movement of jews from one place to another.

Holy places: western wall, the land of Israel and Jerusalem . Temple mount and the foundation stone

Where Judaism is practiced today: : Large cities such as New York, 10% live in Europe as well. Israel, and The Former Soviet Union.

Number of followers: 12-14 million

Map illustrating distribution of followers:

Unique Features

Key figures and important people: Abraham migrated from present day Iraq to Canaan along a route known as the Fertile Crescent. Abraham is considered the patriarch or father of Judaism.

Holy texts: The word Torah refers to the 5 Books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy)

Religious symbols: Star of David, it actually has no religous sigficicance but the Star is commonly accosiated with Judaism, and The Menorah, is a candle holder that either has 7 holders or 9 and is most widely used on Hannukah.

Place of worship: Synagogues and Temples. Synagogues replace ritual sacrifices with Torah readings, prayer, and teaching.

Impact on social and family structures: The Holocaust caused the Jews to live in complete isolation and caused long term persecution

Impact on cultural beliefs and expectations: At one point during WWII many of the Jewish people lost their faith in God. The impact of that still continues today.

What Is Judaism?

Essential Question

How does popular culture affect the religious beliefs and rituals of an ethnic religion, particularly Judaism?