Ludwig Van Beethoven 1770-1827 ♫

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Early Life

Beethoven grew up in a "miserable" childhood according to sources. He was one of seven children, only three of which had actually made it to adulthood. Although, he absolutely loved his gentle mother Maria, he feared his father Johann, because of his bad drinking habit. As a child, he was obsessed with the world of music. His father noticed his talent, and saw it as an opportunity for more money.
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Beethoven's Home

This is Bonn, Germany. This city had modern designs, beautiful streets, and lit up in the night time. This was Beethoven's home. Except it didn't look like this three-hundred years ago.
The Best of Beethoven

His Music

Beethoven had created 9 symphonies, as well as lots of other kinds of music. But, something that made his music even more amazing, was that he was deaf! As an alternative, Beethoven cut his piano legs off and heard through vibrations on the ground. This was very fascinating to me. At the age of 28 years old, Beethoven started to lose his hearing. As he got older, and more absorbed into his music, he began to ignore his personal hygiene. His house was a mess and he would work in his underwear, sometimes even naked. He ignored all outside distractions and cared only about his music.

Other Music

1) Ode To Joy

2) Für Elise

3) Piano Sonata No.14

Fun Facts!

1) When Beethoven was 17, he traveled to Vienna, where Mozart was. He met with Mozart himself, and Mozart told Beethoven that "You will make a big noise in the world."

2) Beethoven was known for his MAJOR anger issues. He even threw a glass of water at his maid because she disturbed him while he was composing. Yikes...


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