Digital Learning Age Context

How I Will Integrate Technology in my Future Classroom

The Teacher

The role of a teacher: To help guide students to learn the curriculum. To do this, a teacher must integrate different methods into their lesson plan to make lessons interesting; using technology such as interactive boards or projects using cameras/videos.

"A good teachers can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning" -Brad Henry

Students Say Technology Helps In Classroom

The Learners

In order for students to learn meaningfully, they must be willfully engaged in a meaningful task. In order for meaningful learning to occur, the task that students pursue should engage active, constructive, intentional, authentic, and cooperative activities. This came from the textbook "Meaningful Learning With Technology" by Howland, J. L., Jonassen, D. H., Marra, R. M.
A Brief History of Technology in Education